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Jess was challenging; not just because of his bad behavior with everyone who wasn't Rory, but because he actually challenged her intellectually. Because of Dean, Rory knew what it was like to be someone's whole world and have the right amount of attention paid to her and their relationship.

They both loved music and books and deep conversations, and the idea of changing he world, which was something she didn't so much have in common with Dean. So, even when Jess flaked out on her, she knew she was worth more than what he'd been able to offer her.

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“She started her career in journalism at a time when the industry was changing quite a bit.Taking in a Pitbull and Neyo concert, she flaunted her bikini body while getting ready to get her groove on."What happens when Pitbull and Ne-yo come on," she captioned a shot along with the hashtags "#encore #dancelikenooneiswatching." She also took time to cuddle up to her King husband Jim, referring to him as a "cutie" and hashtagging "#10yearslater." Aww!Let's start with that lovable trouble-maker, Jess, shall we? It's like a complete 180 from where she was so she's trying to discover another side of her personality and be challenged more intellectually, have fun kind of in a different, more grown-up way.Alexis Bledel describing Jess as a "shock to the system" is the nicest way of putting it. Whether you're #Team Jess, #Team Dean or #Team Logan, you all have your reasons for wishing Rory would end up with one of the guys.


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