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Other footage shows the moment explosions ring out across the night sky.

“Guys I can hear gunshots at Resorts World,” the camerawoman shrieks.“You can see smoke and there’s gunshots and people are shooting at each other.“I live right behind Resorts World and this is happening right now.”It's reported the gunman is still at large, but the situation at the resort has calmed with casualties being tended to.

SAM INOCENCIO, INTERNATIONAL JUSTICE MISSION: This type of crime is probably the most evil, the darkest abuses that we're seeing so far.

MICHAEL ATKIN: Over Skype, Kyle Dawson was taken inside a Manila slum, where he paid Jo-Ann to carry out the sexual abuse of her three young relatives.

The gunman is described as white, tall and English-speaking.

He later killed himself but police said this morning they were searching for a "person of interest" in connection with the attack.Traffickers use chatrooms and social media to offer online child sex performances, an industry that tens and thousands of Filipino children fall prey to, it added.As with chronic malnutrition and child labor—two other deep-seated problems in the Philippines—poverty is a large factor behind the proliferation of the dens.Alvarez will file a bill that will define the rights of couples who want to live together, but are not yet ready to get married.“Ganito, tatalakayin din natin yan yung mga taong ayaw magpakasal pero gustong magsama. ‘Di natin napoprotekatahan yung karapatan ng couple. For example, those same sex couples, they can’t have children, so they can adopt.) Alvarez also said that these civil unions can also be dissolved under his proposal.At least 25 people are reported to be injured after explosions were heard at the Resorts World Manila in Pasay City, Philippines.


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