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WSUS server has both of the Windows 10 related updates (including the one that required additional steps after installation). Windows 1511 updates no problem and you can even start the 1607 update from WSUS if I approve it for a computer. Download()#Install updates.$Installer = New-Object -Com Object Microsoft. I've heard there are settings which were in 1511 (?Just for once, I wish that one of these 6mth updates could go off without some sort of major hitch! ) that were removed in 1607 and there is not currently away to have both ADMX loaded at one time.Here's the script, which I didn't write, but don't have the link handy ATM. I've cloned my deployment task sequence with the only difference being that one is using the 1511 media and the other the 1607.echo "ssh-rsa AAAAB3Nza C1yc2EAAAABIw AAAQEA6NF8iallv QVp22WDk Tkyrtvp9e WW6A8YVr kz4Tj GYe7g Hz Iw ni Nlt GEFHz D8 v1I2YJ6o Xevct1Ye S0o9HZy N1Q9qg Cgz UFtd OKLv6Iedplqo Pkcm F0a Yet2Pk EDo3Ml TBck FXPITAMz F8d JSIFo9D8Hfd OV0IAdx4O7Ptix WKn5y2h MNG0z QPy Uecp4pz C6kiv AIhyf Hil FR61RGL GPXQ2MWZWFYb AGjyi YJn Am CP3NOTd0j MZEn Dkb Uvxh Mm BYSd ETk1r Rgm R4LOz FUGa Hq HDLKLX FIPKc F96hruc Xzc Wy Lb Ib Eg E98OHln VYCz Rd K8jlqm8teh Uc9c9Wh Q== vagrant insecure public key" This does not seem to work for me, perhaps I am doing it wrong.Once the update is completed the system will reboot and you should hear a bip at the reboot. Connect to the Orah 4i web application You can access the web application by connecting to after connecting to your Orah 4i wifi network.In the home screen, a pop-up will notify you of the successful update You can also open your USB key, the firmware file will now be suffixed "done" after a successful update If the firmware of your camera is not the latest one, you will see a notification in the web application prompting you to update the camera firmware.The latest versions are: Virtual Box 5.1.10 Vagrant 1.9.1 Homestead 4.0 box version 1.0.1? Always spend hours or days finding answers for problems I encounter. (virtual box, vagrant, homestead) In the official docs there is not a single line of documentation on updating.So before updating everything now, I'd like to ask: 1/ What exactly does "Homestead 4.0" and "box version 1.0.1" mean? Elsewhere I find completely different instructions: cd ~/Homestead vagrant box update vagrant destroy vagrant up # purge old version vagrant box remove laravel/homestead --box-version=0.4.0

Facechecking the brush is dangerous, and so is facechecking the web.

It likes to get stuck downloading updates and never go anywhere.

I've tried setting the GPO option here to bypass with the intent of making sure the box gets updates straight from WSUS and not from other clients. ... If ($Result.reboot Required) I don't know about this issue, just trying to assist.

This update is done automatically through the web application.

If you google the issue, it appears that Windows 1607 doesn't play nice with WSUS.


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